Eyebrow Lift

Endoscopic reshaping of the upper face

The endoscopic eyebrow lift is a minimally invasive rejuvenating procedure that counterbalances sagging and volume redistribution in the ageing eyebrow. The endoscopic lift is customized to suit individual aging features such as soft tissue deflation, ligament tension, bony contours and muscle interplay.

The procedure aims to revitalize the outer third of the eyebrow and is performed with the use of a telescopic devise-camera, inserted via three small incisions hidden within the forehead hairline. By releasing, repositioning and fixating tissues across surgically controlled vectors, the entire forehead is revitalized and balanced with the lower face. Eyebrow lift surgery usually lasts one hour and can be performed with sedation anesthesia (MAC: Monitored Anesthesia Care) with a recovery time of one week.

As an integral part of the surgical armamentarium, the endoscopic eyebrow lift is usually performed in conjunction with blepharoplasty and facelift surgeries to create a balanced rejuvenative effect across the face. Nevertheless, it can address isolated gravitational descent, congenital asymmetry of facial features and also improve functional imbalance following facial palsy.

Although the use of non surgical alternatives such as Ultherapy (ultrasound energy), muscle modulators (botulinum toxin injections) and volumizing agents have revolutionized the way we treat the aging forehead, the endoscopic approach is the most powerful of all, as surgical vectors achieve better control of tissues and results are longer lasting.