Aging of the face is a 3D process that involves changes of the skin envelope, fat compartments, muscle tone and bony structure with fat atrophy and skeletal deficiency being the primary components.

Assessing the face with 3D technology as a multidimensional canvas allows the patients to better understand the intricate mechanisms of facial ageing as they become objective observers of their own faces.

Optimising volume deficiency and softening facial asymmetry through a three-dimensional prism is essential in achieving the most natural and harmonious rejuvenation.

Dr Papageorgiou’s ultimate goal is to fuse an innovative technology with his clinical expertise and sophisticated aesthetic observation to harmonise the face and improve its light reflection.

Standard Photography flattens the face and a variety of angles are needed to better appreciate the shape of each component of our faces. Even so, the dynamic element of the 3-D capture can better replicate the dynamic aspect of facial expression.

The VECTRA 3D simulation technology was developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, a division of Canfield Scientific, the leading provider of clinical imaging systems that specializes in photographic applications for aesthetic medicine.