The Trilogy Energy Lift  is a 3-step multi platform energy based facial that employs an innovative combination of hydraexfoliation, lasergenesis and radio frequency waves to address skin laxity on the eyelid, face and neck areas.

Over a course of four to six treatments, spaced two weeks apart, the treatment remodels the dermal layers of the face and neck by helping to stimulate new collagen growth.

The initial step of the Trilogy Lift fuses hydradermabrasion, a noninvasive resurfacing technology, with a laser-induced rejuvenation process. During this phase, a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants are infused into the skin which has been cleansed through the vortex of water and natural exfoliants. The laser waves will then treat the deeper layers of the skin energising the fibroblasts, stimulating collagen production and helping to reverse damage inflicted to the face from ultraviolet radiation and ageing.

Subsequently and during the core stage of the treatment, radio frequency waves will target the deeper dermal layers aiming to remodel laxity around the eyes and optimise the contour of the midface, jawline and neck areas.

The Trilogy Energy Lift is ideal for patients who are looking for discreet ways to refreshen their appearance and slow down the ageing process. Maintenance sessions every six months are recommended to optimise and maintain outcomes.